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Congressman Cory Gardner wants to force his extreme, outdated agenda on Colorado.

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Join Women for Udall


By Maggie Fox, Women for Udall Chair

Women for Udall is a network of women from across the state coming together to support Mark Udall to move Colorado forward. Mark understands that when women do well, Colorado does well. Whether it’s standing up for equal pay, quality education for every child, or protecting reproductive freedom, Mark stands with Colorado women.

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Mark Udall Stands Up for Veterans Like Me

By Rudy Tafoya

Mark’s help was vital to quickly securing this medal, and I know I am not the only veteran he has helped. Mark and his staff actively reach out to our communities, helping us navigate the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) to secure our disability benefits and access the other benefits we’ve earned

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Udall for Colorado Releases New TV Ad, “Decision”

By Udall for Colorado

Udall for Colorado today released it’s newest TV ad, “Decision.” The 30-second spot highlights Congressman Cory Gardner’s repeated and deliberate deceptions regarding his long record of fighting to take Colorado women backward.

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