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SPECIAL MESSAGE: Just Ask Coloradans


Congressman Cory Gardner is running for Senate to impose a narrow agenda on Colorado that isn’t the Colorado way.

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Join Women for Udall


By Maggie Fox, Women for Udall Chair

Women for Udall is a network of women from across the state coming together to support Mark Udall to move Colorado forward. Mark understands that when women do well, Colorado does well. Whether it’s standing up for equal pay, quality education for every child, or protecting reproductive freedom, Mark stands with Colorado women.

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Important message for Colorado

By Adam Dunstone

Congressman Gardner and his dark money backers are on track to significantly outspend our team during the two weeks before mail-in ballots land on kitchen tables across Colorado.

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Powered by Coloradans, not special interests

By Mark Udall

When it comes to getting supporters to the polls on Election Day, we know that person-to-person contact is still the most effective way to get out the vote.

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