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U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner jumps in race

February 27, 2014 / By Adam Dunstone, Campaign Manager

Backroom DealingIn a backroom deal yesterday, ideological twins Ken Buck and U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner decided to swap races. Ken will run for Congress in Cory’s district. And Rep. Gardner will jump in hoping to challenge Mark Udall for the U.S. Senate.

This is BIG news and gives the Tea Party challengers a new frontrunner in this race to the extreme right. Nationally, the pundits and talking heads say the race is now one of the country’s most competitive.

Our response today is crucial. Rep. Gardner already has nearly $1 million in his campaign war chest. That’s almost twice as much as all the other Tea Party candidates combined.  

Please join the fight and make a $contribution today to help me hit our rapid-response fundraising goal of $50,000 by Friday.

Let’s review Rep. Gardner’s record. Since joining the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Gardner has:

  • Supported the twice-defeated “personhood” ballot initiative to outlaw abortion — even in the cases of rape and incest — and ban many forms of birth control
  • Voted for Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, which would privatize Medicare, slash education funding, and give millionaires a $125,000 tax cut
  • Joined a group of Republicans that proposed a plan to privatize Social Security
  • Held our nation’s solvency hostage for Social Security and Medicare cuts
  • Opposed federal aid to disaster victims — making it harder for Colorado to receive the flood relief we need
  • Opposed overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the government’s ban on gays serving our country openly in the military
  • Opposed the DREAM Act and voted to treat young students as criminals and speed their deportation

Rep. Cory Gardner has more than three times the amount of cash on hand than Ken Buck does. And that money will begin to grow immediately as more Tea Party Republicans coalesce around him. We must stop Cory’s momentum dead in its tracks.

Please give $5 today and help us hit our $50,000 rapid-response deadline.

Let’s fight back and show the pundits our strength and commitment to protecting Colorado’s way of life.